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To see some of the work in progress photos see the Restoration Timeline page. Below are photos taken in the past few years.

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September 2006 underway photo

Engine Room

Main deck looking towards engine room hatch

Galley and storage area

Hot cups and electrical panel in the galley

Forward survivor compartment and anchor locker

Main deck bench seat and fold down chart board

Aft survivor compartment or turtle back showing stokes liter helicopter basket and cold water exposure suits

Opposite side of turtle back

Emergency steering tiller in turtle back

60 pound Danforth anchor on the front of the boat

Fire main valve located on the starboard side pilot house and boat hook holder

Fuel filler and fuel vent area on the Port side of the pilot house

Helm area

Towing bit and dewatering pump can and tow reel area

Spot lights, horn, hailer and warning light

The boat is usually docked at the South Channel Yacht Club on Harsens Island, MI.

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