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Possible 2010 Tour Dates - See Below

Tour Requests:

44376 is available for tours as well as visiting local maritime events upon request. Since the boat cannot be trailered and it is not built for speed, events that are within a days journey are preferred. Events that are scheduled over a weekend such as on a Saturday or Sunday are also preferred. The basic range is from the lower Detroit River area up to Port Huron. Others will be by special request.

You can view the boat from the outside only while it is docked at The South Channel Yacht Club located on Harsens Island, MI. Be advised it may not always be there because it may be out motoring around.

Tour #1

The Great lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association had their Blue Water Beacons Cruise on September 9th of 2006. During the stop at the St. Clair Flats Canal Light Station, 44376 was open for tours and approximately 80 people toured the boat from top to bottom. This was the boats first major tour opening. Many of the visitors had never seen one of these boats up close before.

Work Projects:

Work Project #1

The boat was used to photograph and inspect offshore lighthouses in the St. Mary's River and in Lake Huron in 2003 for the Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy who hopes to acquire some of these lighthouses for preservation in the near future. The boat is made available to the Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy and other lighthouse preservation organizations upon request to transport people and supplies for work crews. Since the boat is capable of towing, equipment barges can be towed to a work site as well. Lower Lake Huron to the mouth of the Detroit River are good project areas because of proximity to the boats current location on Harsens Island in Lake St. Clair. Further distances need to be coordinated if deemed possible.   

2009 Tours:

I am working with Port Huron right now on their Coast Guard Days Festival which is July 17th to the 19th on a possible showing. More to come, stay tuned as things develop.

The US Lighthouse Society will be touring through Michigan in September of 2009. A stop at St. Clairs Flats Coast Guard Station on Harsens Island, MI. is on the schedule and the 44376 will be made available to that tour group.

2010 Tours:

None pending at this time.

For requests to tour the 44376 or to schedule it to attend your local maritime event, please contact Jeff Shook at 810-750-9870 or preferably by e-mail at

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